Getting Custom Quality, Designer Framed Bathroom Mirrors Are Not All Expensive!

Most homeowners come to a point when they get tired of their plain, bare, boring, old bathroom mirror, and are ready for an upgrade. Let MirrorChic help you save money on a custom sized framed bathroom mirror that you actually want for your bathroom!

If you have a plain builder mirror on your wall, then you have all you need to get started, just need to measure! If you just bought a home with nice bathrooms that don’t need remodeling, add the finishing touch by framing the builder mirrors with our designer quality frames.

As you may already know, finding the correct size and style you want can be a daunting task, not to mention expensive. Manufacturers make framed mirrors in standard sizes, but that might not work for the size you need, and even if you find the right size, the frame may not be the style you are looking for.

Frame Your Existing Mirror

Here is a better way to get exactly the right size framed mirror and frame style you need and save
a ton of money.

  • Reuse the mirror that is already on your wall, or the one you have taken down (your local glass shop can cut it down to your new size for a few bucks) and buy a frame for it.
  • Our custom cut designer quality mirror frames can be made for any size mirror and we have dozens of styles and colors to choose from! We even guarantee the fit!
  • Save the hassle of trying to find the correct size and frame style you need in a pre-made framed mirror and save money in doing so.
  • See our full selection of quality DIY mirror frames and choose the style that best fits your taste and decor.
  • See how easy it is to assemble and install a MirrorChic frame in our step by step installation guide!

Replace A Mirror or Remodel

If you are fully remodeling a bathroom or have pulled an old mirror off the wall you basically have a blank slate to work from. This gives you flexibility in choosing the size of the mirror you want. As mentioned earlier, your local glass shop can cut down the mirror that you pulled off the wall, or they can make you a new one. You can also go to Home Depot to pick up a mirror, if a standard size will work for your location. Once you have your mirror, stop by the MirrorChic on-line shop to order the perfect custom cut frame to exactly fit your new mirror!

There you have it! It is easy to save money on the perfect custom sized, framed, bathroom mirror you’ve always wanted for your home!

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