Assembly & Installation of our frames is really simple. Just Watch our Install video, or read the directions below. Contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you!

You will need these 3 items to put your mirror frame together:

  • assembly & installation of mirror frame kit
  • assembly & installation of mirror frame kit
  • assembly & installation of mirror frame kit

Assembly and Installation

During the Assembly step (of the Assembly & Installation steps) make sure that you check all four pieces of your frame for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. If you find any defects, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the problem. Once you have inspected the frame you can then assemble it.

You will need (see above): a hammer, some clean rags or newspaper, and one lightly dampened rag.

It is best to create a soft work surface, using rags, paper towels or newspaper, for, under each of the four corners, this will keep from getting glue on your work surface or scratching your new frame. 

Lay the frame face down on your work surface, with the top, bottom & sides in their respective locations.  Use the supplied glue to spread a thin layer of glue on one side of each joint and then insert the supplied dovetail locking pins into each of the corners, being careful to use the correct size pin as some frames have two different sized pins. 

With the flat part of the dovetail pin at the top and the rounded end going into the hole, gently tap the pin in with a hammer.  Be careful NOT to push them too deep that they crack the face of the frame.  Now, take the damp cloth and carefully wipe away any excess glue and then turn the frame over. 

Clean off the excess glue and make sure the corners are an even height on both sides of each of the frame joints. Let the glue dry for one hour before installing the frame on your mirror.

Assembly and Installing Your Frame

While the glue is drying; if you have the large plastic clips on your mirror, we should have sent you some low profile replacement clips, now is the time to replace them. 

Be sure to only change one at a time so that your mirror is always being held in place. Then clean your mirror thoroughly with glass cleaner and then the perimeter edges with rubbing alcohol to make sure your new frame sticks properly to the mirror.

To make the installation of your frame go smoothly, you should have a second person to help you with this next step. After the glue is dry, you are ready to proceed with the installation of your frame. 

The tape on your frame is SUPER sticky and will stick to most anything it comes in contact with, so BEFORE removing the backing of the two-faced tape, do a test fit with the frame to your mirror.  Make sure the overlap on all sides is the same while test fitting the position of the frame on your mirror.

Check to make sure there are no obstacles, such as a medicine cabinet, light fixtures, towel bars, etc., that will interfere with you installing the frame. Most of these items can easily be removed and reinstalled as needed. Call us if you have any questions about this step.

Once you are satisfied with the test fit of your frame, you should stick up the supplied blue placement corners inside the top right and left corners, just peel off the white backing from the foam and pressing them into the two upper left & right corners snugly. 

Be careful not to move the frame while placing the placement corners.  Take down the frame and remove the permanent tape backing and carefully place the frame back onto the *alignment corners, pressing firmly on the frame all the way around the perimeter of the frame.

*Note – Do not let the full weight of the frame sit on the blue alignment corners, they are for guidance only, not made to hold the weight.

Now step back and admire your beautiful framed mirror!