How To Measure Worksheet

Print and use this Pre-Order Measurement Form to help you properly measure your mirror.

on your sheet, let’s write down the name of each bathroom location that you
would like to order a frame for.


Frame #1             Frame #2             Frame #3

Room                    Master Bath       Guest
Bath         Girls Bath

you have more than 3 bathrooms, print out another sheet before you begin.

For the following steps, you will want to answer every question per bathroom before going to the next bathroom. Example: Finish all of the questions pertaining to Frame #1 before answering any questions for Frame #2 or Frame #3, etc..

Step 1a:

the width of your mirror from side to side. 
Enter the dimension as close to 1/8” increments as possible, rounding UP
to the nearest 1/8”. Measure at least twice, once across the top, then across
the bottom, writing down the smallest measurement of the two. Believe it or
not, we have found that 95% of all bathroom walls are NOT entirely level and
this measurement is crucial to a good fit.

Step 1b:

the height of your mirror, be sure to measure to the top of any clips you may
have along the top (and possibly the bottom) of your mirror. Make sure to include
the metal frame in your measurement along the bottom of the mirror (if

Step 2:

you will measure the distance of any objects that are located close to the
mirror. Light Switches, receptacles, light fixtures, walls, backsplash, etc.. Again,
you will want to be within an 1/8” measurement. If there is no distance between
the mirror and an item, enter 0, for objects more than ¾” away from the mirror,
put ¾” + in the space on the worksheet.

this for the Top, Left, Right & Bottom of the mirror. We will need to know
ALL of these for a proper fit.

Step 3:

you have clips holding your mirror to the wall? If so, we want to know how many
and what type.

profile clips are not a problem, but any clip thicker than 1/13” will require
additional attention.

the location (Top, Left, Right, Bottom) and quantity of each clip holding your
mirror in place.

you do NOT have low profile clips, we will provide you with metal replacement clips
that will continue to hold your mirror in place but allow also you to install a
frame over them.

Step 4:

you have a metal channel across the bottom of your mirror? If no, skip this

you do have a metal channel, at any point across the width of that channel, can
you put a nickel between the mirror and the edge of the metal channel? If so,
we need to know this.

will route the bottom of your frame so that the channel will not keep the frame
from adhering to the mirror properly.

you have reached the bottom of the form.. now on to the next bathroom and start
at Step 1a again. When ALL bathrooms have been measured, you are not ready to
order on-line.

Are you still not comfortable, or have a few questions?

Contact us at or 951-296-1303 Mon-Fri, 10-5 PST, and we will be more than happy to help you through the process.