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Large or Unique Mirrors

Beveled Mirrors

There must be a flat, un-beveled part of your mirror in order for the frame to adhere properly, but as long as the bevel on your mirror is less than 1″ wide, our frames can work with your beveled mirror.    Because your new frame will adhere to your mirror, you will lose the bevel, but gain style and elegance.  If you have a bevel please avoid frames less than 3″ width.  Please inform us on your order when your mirror is beveled.  If you are in doubt please call our customer support team at (760) 723-2138.

Bi-fold & Tri-fold Mirrors

As often the case in large bathrooms, there will be multiple walls with a mirror on them. One wall behind the vanity will have a large mirror, with one or two walls at an angle off to the left, right, or both sides of the main wall, these set-ups are referred to as bi-fold (with 2 mirrors) or tri-fold (with 3 mirrors) mirror set-ups.

Bi-fold & tri-fold mirrors orders require special attention as the measurements have to be exact, cut at the proper angle and can be framed in several different ways. Let’s take a tri-fold set-up for instance, you could frame all 3 sections to look as one complete frame, and one long mirror covering all three sections or you could frame each mirror separately, giving you 3 different mirrors. There is little difference in cost to you, but the visual differences can change the look of your bathroom dramatically.

With either of these installations, it is very helpful to email us a picture of your mirror set-up so that we can help you with measuring properly for your new frame(s). The choice of a single or multiple frames is up to you.

To help in ordering a frame for either of these applications, download & print the Bi-fold or Tri-fold order slips and email pictures to our customer service team, and one of our representatives will call you to discuss details on how to measure as well as pricing.

Mirrors with Outlet & Rosettes

Mirrors with electrical outlets, light switches or rosettes present a special challenge as well.  For the best options and quicker service, please take a few pictures of the outlet, switch or rosettes and email them to customer service team along with your order and one of our representatives will call you to discuss details on measurements as well as pricing.

Mirrors with Medicine Cabinets, Overhanging Lights & Towel Bars

Obstacles like medicine cabinets, towel bars & low overhanging lights that are close to your mirror can create a challenge to install a frame but it is not impossible.  This is where obtaining a sample of your favorite style can be helpful.  Taking your sample, you can slide it around the edge of your mirror to see if any obstacles will prevent you from installing a MirrorChic frame.  If you think there will be a problem, give our customer service a call at (760) 723-2138 PST and we can help figure out a resolution for you.

Large Frame Orders over 80”

Mirrors larger than 80″ on any side are considered oversized for shipping and will incur additional shipping fees.

Frames larger than 102″ on any side cannot be shipped by ground service and must be shipped FedEx Express.

Call our customer service at (760) 723-2138 PST for shipping costs on frames larger than 80″.