Can you buy a frame for an existing bathroom mirror?

Yes, MirrorChic custom mirror frames will instantly transform the appearance of bare mirrors. Our frames install easily by adhering directly to the perimeter surface of your existing mirror. Our frames fit mirrors that are against a backsplash and mirrors with bulky plastic clips. (We send you replacement clips that lay flat and are covered by your new frame) All of our mirror frames are custom made to exactly fit your existing mirror(s).

Why not just replace my mirror with a completely new framed mirror?

Removing an existing mirror may result in damage to your wall in addition to the time and expense of purchasing a brand-new framed mirror. All of our mirror frames are custom made to exactly fit your existing mirror which saves money as there no tools are required to install. MirrorChic frames come in a wide variety of frame colors and styles that not currently available for expensive over-the-counter framed mirrors.

How do you update a builder grade bathroom mirror?

Our customized mirror frame kits work great with frameless builder grade bathroom mirrors and are attached using pro-grade 3M double sided tape.

How much does it cost to frame a mirror?

The cost of a quality custom made mirror frame starts at $85 and will increase based on the size required for your frame. The average cost for a do-it-yourself bathroom mirror frame kit is about $180. See our instant price calculator on any of our product pages.

How do I make a frame for existing bathroom mirrors?

Our DIY mirror frame kit is a quick, easy and affordable way to frame your existing bathroom mirror. Our mirror frame kits allow you to customize the exact size measurements to your mirror, in addition to selecting from a wide range of designer colors and styles.

Can I use a MirrorChic frame on my oval mirror?

Unfortunately, no, MirrorChic does not currently offer frames for round or oval mirrors.

How do you fix black edges on a mirror?

This is known as de-silvering. Black edges appear around a bathroom mirror when moisture penetrates the silver coating on the back of the mirror that separates from the glass. There are two options for fixing black edges on a mirror:

1) Purchase an entire brand-new mirror, which can be costly.
2) Cover up black edges with our DIY mirror frame kit, this will also update the look of your mirror and ultimately save you money.

Learn more about mirror desilvering

Will the frame fit my mirror?

Yes, all of our mirror frames are custom cut to exactly fit your existing mirror.

How do I measure my custom mirror frame?

Please refer to our How to Measure guide that is available for print and in PDF.

I can’t decide what frame I like best; can I order samples?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to order samples. You can order up to 7 Free samples to best determine the right product color and style suited for your project.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping is included with all frame orders except for frames over 90 inches long. Samples are free with $7 shipping cost.

Can you match the color of my cabinets?

Yes, MirrorChic offers the American Red Oak, a stainable/paintable frame that is perfect for any stain/paint project to match the unique color of your cabinets. If you are looking to match a color stain, we suggest that you practice staining with free samples of the American Red Oak to perfect the effect of color and shade before staining an entire frame. If you plan to paint your frame, refer to our How to Paint Your Frames blog post for an easy and quick guide.

My mirror rests on the backsplash, is this a problem?

No, a mirror resting on backsplash is no problem for MirrorChic frames, just be sure to let us know of this when you place an order.

I have a very large mirror will a MirrorChic frame fit?

Yes, every order is custom cut to the specifications you require. We consider any size frame up to 90 inches in length as a standard size. Mirrors exceeding 90 inches in length on either side may require splicing the frame to cover the full length. We suggest contacting our customer support to discuss your large frame requirements. Additional charges on large frames for splicing & shipping will apply. 

What is splicing?

Splicing is required for frames over 90 inches in length. We splice two pieces together to reach the total length needed. Sometimes splicing a frame may be required to reduce shipping cost since shipping a frame over 100 inches in length can be more expensive than the cost of the frame itself.

Do MirrorChic frames work on medicine cabinets?

Yes, it is possible to add a MirrorChic frame to a medicine cabinet. However, this is on a case-by-case basis. To determine if MirrorChic will work for you, take multiple pictures of your medicine cabinet and email our customer service along with your contact information. We will work with you and suggest the best options.

What about the plastic clips on my mirrors?

Your order will come with replacement clips. The frame will cover and hide the new clips once installed.

What if I have no room around my mirror for a frame?

The frame installs on the perimeter face of the mirror which does not require any room around the mirror.

What is the metal channel that runs along the bottom of my mirror?

channel is a piece of metal that runs along the bottom of your mirror to support it. Channels and clips are sometimes used to hold a mirror to the wall. In most situations, bathroom mirrors are glued to the wall. All of our frames cover and hide the channel by installing over it.

Do I need special tools to install a MirrorChic frame to my mirror?

MirrorChic frames are incredibly easy to assemble and do not require any special tools. The only tools you will need is a hammer, level (optional) and some rags. Everything else will be supplied.

I’m not very handy, can I do this?

Yes, assembling and installing our mirror frames is easy as there are no special tools required. Please refer to and follow our instructional video or click here if you prefer to read step-by-step instructions.

How do MirrorChic frames attach to my mirror?

MirrorChic frames stick and adhere to your existing mirror with double-sided professional grade 3M tape. Once the tape backing is removed, the frame will stick directly onto your mirror.

Will the mirrors edge be visible after the frame is installed?

No, the edges of your mirror will not be visible once the frame is installed. Our typical frames have a ½ inch overhang on all sides for a refined and clean look.

My mirror has beveled edges, can I still use a MirrorChic frame?

Yes, as long as the bevel on your mirror is 1″ wide or less. There must be a flat un-beveled part of the mirror in order for the frame to adhere properly. If you have a bevel, please avoid frames less than 3″ in width. Please inform us of your beveled mirror when placing an order.

How do I contact customer support?

We are a small family owned business and your business is incredibly important to us. We are available to help answer any question regarding an inquiry or order during regular business hours Monday – Friday with our office closed on weekends. Call 800-311-2163.

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How long is your warranty?

Your frame is warranted for 6 years against any defects. To maintain longevity of a frame please read our product care instructions when you receive your new frame.

How do I know of I need replacement clips?

You do not need replacement clips if your existing mirror does not already have clips or the clips you have lay flat on the face of your mirror.

Do you have a wholesale or commercial program?

Yes, please contact customer service to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

Do you sell mirrors too?

Yes, however we currently only sell to local customers located in North San Diego County, Temecula, Murrieta and South Orange County.

What are MirrorChic frames made from?

Most MirrorChic frames are made of either solid wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard). A select few of our frames are made of a high-density Polystyrene material.