We have assembled a list of our most commonly customer service questions and assembled this FAQ for quick and easy anwers!

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Can I put a frame on my bathroom mirror if it sits on the backsplash or is tight against a corner?

Yes, you can! All our frames mount directly onto your mirror so that space around your mirror is not needed.

Do I need special tools, or anything else to install a MirrorChic frame to my Mirror?

MirrorChic frames are easy to assemble and install without special tools. The only tools needed are a hammer and a level (optional).

For more detailed instructions please visit our Assembly and Installation page

I have a very large mirror; will a MirrorChic frame fit?

We can custom-cut a frame to the specifications you require. We consider any size frame up to 90 inches in length to be a standard size. Mirrors exceeding 90 inches in length will require splicing of the frame in order to cover the full length, but this is possible for most frames.

Additional charges on large frames for splicing & shipping will apply. We suggest that you contact our customer support to discuss your large-frame needs.

What is splicing?

Splicing is what we do when a frame is longer than our available frame material. Splicing is normally required on frames over 120” in length. We splice two pieces together to reach the total length needed.

Sometimes splicing a frame may also be required in order to reduce shipping cost, since shipping a frame over 90” in length can be more expensive than the cost of the frame itself.

My mirror has beveled edges, can I still use a MirrorChic frame?

As long as the bevel on your mirror is less than 1″ wide, our frames will work. There must be a flat, un-beveled part of the mirror in order for the frame to adhere properly. Because your new frame will adhere to your mirror, you will lose the bevel, but gain style and elegance.

If you have a bevel please avoid frames less than 3″ in width. Please inform us on your order when your mirror is beveled.

I have large plastic clips holding my mirror in place; can I still put a frame around it?

You can still add a frame but the large plastic clips will need to be replaced with low-profile clips before putting a frame on your mirror. This is not a problem, just let us know when ordering and we will send you replacement metal clips at no charge.

Will the edge of the mirror be visible after the frame is installed?

Once our frame is installed, the edge of the mirror will not be visible. Our typical frames have a 3/8 inch overhang on all sides for a cleaner, more refined look. If you have zero clearance on a side, the frame will be flush with that edge of the mirror.

What are MirrorChic frame kits made from?

All MirrorChic frames are made of either wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) material for quality & longevity. MDF is a type of hardboard, which is made from wood fibers glued together with heat and pressure.

Because it is dense, flat, stiff, has no knots, is easily machined, can be cut, drilled, machined and filed without damaging the surface, it is a perfect choice for producing moldings. MDF is made from recycled wood fibers and resin, which also makes it a Greener choice as well!

How do MirrorChic frames attach to my mirror?

MirrorChic frames come backed with double-sided professional grade 3M adhesive tape, which once the backing is removed will adhere your new frame directly to your mirror.

My mirror rests on the backsplash, is that a problem?

Resting on the backsplash is not a problem for MirrorChic frames, just be sure to let us know when you order.

I am not sure which frame I like best, can I order samples?

Of course you can, from our website. Computer monitors are like TV’s in that each one will have a different color hue for the same picture. The frames color you see on your computer monitor may not match the actual product.

By ordering a sample you can see the actual product color and style which will enable you to choose the best frame for your situation.

Do you have a wholesale or commercial program?

Yes, we do. Please contact MirrorChic Customer Service to discuss your needs and we can quote your job.

Can you match the color of my cabinets?

Recently MirrorChic added a new frame that is stainable & paint-able, which is perfect for those that want to match the color of their custom cabinets. This new frame is the American Red Oak.

If you are wanting to match a stain color, we suggest that you order multiple samples of the American Red Oak first (from our website) in order to practice staining to get the proper color/shade before staining the frame.  

If you are planning on painting your frame to match, check out our “How to Paint a Frame” blog post (also on our website) to help prepare you for this procedure.

Why not just replace my mirror with a completely new framed mirror instead?

MirrorChic frames are made to fit over your existing mirror, saving you the hassle and cost of removing your existing mirror, which may be glued to the wall. Removing your existing mirror could result in damage to the wall, not to mention the time & expense of having it done.

MirrorChic frames are simple and require no special tools or skills to install. MirrorChic frames also come in a variety of frame styles not currently available as an over-the-counter complete framed mirror.

What about medicine cabinets?

It might be possible to add a MirrorChic frame to a medicine cabinet.  However, this would be on a case-by-case situation. Take a few pictures of your medicine cabinet, email them to our customer service along with your contact info and we will call you to discuss options.

What are Channels & Clips?

Channels & Clips are sometimes used to hold a mirror to the wall, but not always. In most situations, bathroom mirrors are glued to the wall.  A channel is a piece of metal that runs along the bottom of your mirror to support it.

Clips would also be used along the top & possibly the sides in conjunction with a channel for optimal support.

Clips come in many sizes & styles and not all are acceptable to put a frame over, but they can be easily replaced with our free MirrorChic replacement clips. Our frames install over the channel and mirror clips (as long as they have a low enough profile).

How do I know if I need replacement clips?

You may not need to replace the clips on your mirror (if you even have them). Any clips smaller than 1 inch in length & less than 1/16 inch thick (the thickness of a dime), should not need to be replaced.

If your current clips are larger than this, do not despair, replacing them is easy to do and the replacement clips are free.

If I decide to remodel my bathroom at a later date, can I remove the frame?

Removing a MirrorChic frame is not difficult if you want to remodel. Using fishing line or dental floss, you can separate the frame from the mirror, and then use a product like Goo Gone® or Goof-Off® to remove the tape residue from the mirror and frame.

If you want to reuse your MirrorChic frame, contact our customer service and we can send you replacement double-sided tape and alignment corners for re-installation.

Can I use a MirrorChic frame on my oval mirror

Sorry, but currently MirrorChic does not offer frames for oval mirrors