How To Paint Your Mirror Frame Kit

What if you like one of our styles but the color doesn’t work for you? Paint them!

There are endless choices of spray paint colors for your frame. You have a choice of colors ranging from: white, bronze, espresso, browns, silvers, golds, and several metallic or hammered finishes. Another variable you can add is different sheens such as flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss. Your nearest home improvement store has a wide selection of choices in a multitude of colors and finishes.

We have decorative, modern and traditional frame patterns to choose from to get the look you want. Just use your imagination.

Need some advice on how to get this done? Here is what we recommend:

  1. Use a spray paint not a brush application. Why? We have tested and found that spraying light coats without runs is the safest way. Follow directions on the can and don’t try to cover in one coat. Two cans are more than enough to paint the entire frame.Photo of spray paint being applied to mirror frame.
  2. Test the color! Once you pick a color try it on a 12” piece of molding you can buy at the same home improvement store and check it on your mirror before you paint your frame. Make sure it is exactly what you want. That way you will be sure you have just the look you want.
  3. Apply paint to both the face and the back of the frame for a lasting finish. Painting the back will seal the wood from moisture and assure a long lasting, beautiful frame on your mirror. Be sure to also paint the ends (miters) of your frame pieces.Image showing location of the mirror frames miters or ends.

With our paintable frames you end up with a designer quality frame on you mirror in the exact finish you desire. The best part? It adds value to your home! We know you will be delighted with your new look and decoration. Learn more about mirror frame kits.

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