Our Guarantee

We guarantee that:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed that if you follow our easy to follow measuring instructions and installation guide, your new mirror frame will fit properly, will not warp or come off the mirror and the finish will last for years if cared for as described in our product care instructions.

We are a small business, but that means that your business is special to us and we promise to give you the outstanding 1-on-1 customer service you deserve.

We know from years of experience in business that communication is key to meeting our customers’ expectations, and we are always here to not only meet, but exceed those expectations if possible. If you have any concerns with our products or service, please do not hesitate to let us know and we WILL make it right. We are here for you every step of the way and just a phone call away.

Our Warranty

We at MirrorChic warranty our frames against manufacturer defects for up to five full years from the date of purchase and said warranty is transferable to the new homeowner. If a frame is determined to be defective due to a manufacturer issue, we will supply you with a replacement product. Improper installation, improper cleaning, or excessive moisture will void the warranty or any claim thereof.

MirrorChic does reserve the right to fully inspect any claim prior to issuing a replacement. The warranty is limited to replacement of the damaged product however and does not include removal of the existing frame, re-installation, repairs, or delivery of the new frame.

We are ready to earn your business and can quote your job within 48 hours. Call us at 951-428-1725 PST to discuss your needs.