How to Save Big on Your Bathroom Remodel

So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom(s), where do you start? Taking on a bathroom remodel project is exciting and much easier than you might think. Take our advice and you will save big on remodeling your bathroom.

Get Inspired

Research ideas for your bathroom remodel by searching online for images of new bathroom remodel projects. You should have a clear idea of what you want done before starting your project. Collect and save your favorite images as reference for building and shopping for materials.

Create a check list.

Before calling a contractor or handyman you need to create a project to-do list of what you want to remodel in your bathroom(s). Determine the finish, color and style of paint, tile pattern, vanity, faucets, towel bars, sinks, etc. Deciding on such details in advance will save time for you and your contractor and help you save money. Another tip is to purchase all of the above materials in advance then get an estimate from contractors for the price of labor.

Double check your list.

Do you really need to tear out of your shower pan and walls? Most contractors will tell you this must be done but it is not always necessarily true. Tearing out the existing shower adds a huge cost to your remodel. If you are happy that your existing shower walls and pan (floor) are watertight, consider tiling over the existing tile as it saves the mess and saves you LOTS of money. With that said your existing tile needs to be free of any mold or soap scum. If needed the walls and floor of shower can be acid washed to remove mold, mildew or soap scum. Be sure to research this before attempting as acids can burn and eat holes in your clothes and shoes.

Research contractors.

Do you want to hire a contractor or handyman? It is recommended you use a licensed tile contractor for your tile work but a competent handyman can install your new vanity, sinks, faucets, sink drains, towel bars, etc. In both cases be sure to gather references, read online reviews from previous clients to assure you hire an experienced contractor. When you receive bids for the work be sure to request an invoice in writing.

Research bathroom floor tiling.

You will likely have to remove the existing floor tile rather than tile over it to avoid trip hazards and an uneven floor when entering the bathroom. Tiling a bathroom floor is fairly simple and only takes a couple of hours depending on the size of your bathrooms. Browse online and compare quality laminate flooring material. You can install a cushion under laminate for a softer and warmer feel than tile. Be sure to check your sub-flooring, plywood for dry rot or water damage and replace as needed before installing new flooring.

Update your bathroom mirror

Yes, this really does save money. Upgrading the look of your bathroom mirror with frames will refresh an old mirror like brand new, without the outrageous price tag. MirrorChic mirror frames can be installed without removing the existing mirrors from the wall. If you must remove them do so carefully so they can be reinstalled and securely framed. If the mirrors are de-silvering (turning black) on the outside edges a new frame will cover up the blemish with no problem.

Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to turn into a headache, or cost $10,000, when you research and thoroughly plan ahead. Have fun while you save money for your bathroom remodel project. MirrorChic custom mirror bathroom frames will upgrade any bathroom and fits your budget too. Learn how you can save big here.