Bathroom Mirror Frame Kit Review Spotlight: Rise & Renovate

There is nothing we love to hear more at MirrorChic than words of satisfaction from our customers. So, imagine how we felt when Rise & Renovate agreed to take a stab at our mirror frame kits to provide us with an honest & unbiased opinion.

Disclaimer – We provided Hayley from Rise & Renovate with a free mirror frame for her honest review, however all opinions are her own.

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What did she have to say? Let’s see!

Selection Process

Here at, we try to make the selection process as easy & informative as possible. To that end, we try to use a lot of visuals so that you can find the right frame for your bathroom. Hayley, in particular, loved our image slider feature that allows you to see a before & after image of the frame.

What was so great about it? Here is what she has to say:

“The slider section on the product page was really useful to get a true look at the texture and color of the frame.” - Hayley, Rise & Renovate

If all the visuals are not enough for you to take the leap, no problem! Also we offer $1 samples of any frame (with FREE shipping). We want you to love your new frame and our selection process ensures that.

After making a selection and providing us with her mirror measurements, she placed & received her order within 2 business days using our always free shipping. To make the process simpler for all our customers, we have a conveniently placed pricing calculator where you can enter your mirror size, down to a fraction of an inch, to get an instant quote on the frame of your choice. Of course, if you need help, please feel free to call us. We love talking to our customers!

Assembly Process

We advertise our frames as quick, easy, & affordable. Particularly regarding the installation process, we have made it as simple and easy as possible so that anyone can install our frames with minimal tools required.

How long did it take Hayley & her family to get the frame assembled? Unboxing, instruction reading, & actual assembly took a total of just 20 minutes! Quick indeed. Once glue was applied, they did the right thing and let it dry for at least one hour.

Installation Process

So that was assembly, what about the install? Well she said she had some unexpected work arise, but not because of our frame, they had to move the casing of some lighting fixtures prior to installing the frame. All in all, she says the frame itself took only 5 minutes to install.  Not bad!

One of the contributing factors of ease in installing our frames is due to the adhesive strips on the back. Not only does this make installation simple, but if you ever want to take the frames down it is much more feasible as opposed to gluing the frame to the mirror.  It is also much safer, and simpler, than taking an existing mirror off of the wall to have it framed.

Haley agrees and stated, “I will admit, the sticky strips were a lot more convenient than using Liquid Nails in our DIY method.”

Overall Impression

She liked our selection and working with us, which is exactly how we want our customers to feel, that we are working with them on their project. Regarding shipping, she felt that it was quick and did not mention any complaints. That’s largely in part of the fact that all standard orders shipped within the Continental US are shipped free of charge within 72 business hours via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority mail. Need it faster? No problem, we offer more expedited solutions for an additional cost.

Summing up the install process she admits that it was “incredibly easy”, and adds, “Depending on the size of your mirror, it’s helpful to have two pairs of hands for installation.”

While pre-cut mirror frames from often cost more than their DIY alternatives Hayley confirms that our frame is of great quality. That is really the reason for the cost difference, quality, selection & ease. So, if you are in the market for putting the finishing touch on your bathroom mirrors, give us a call!