Once you have purchased, assembled and installed your frame, it is time to think about product care. This article walks through the short list of dos and don’ts for taking care of your Mirrorchic mirror frame!

Product Care

MirrorChic frames are a high-quality product. We quality test all of our frames and stand behind our products. Proper care, as described below, of your new mirror frame, is critical to retain a long lasting frame.

MirrorChic Product Care

Like any fine wood product, proper care is needed when installing in a location with possible high humidity.

  • NEVER use abrasive cleaners, bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean your frame as it will damage the finish. Use only a soft, damp cloth (with water only), to gently clean the frame, then immediately wipe off with another soft, dry cloth. Typical cleaning or scrubbing sponges should also be avoided.
  • For dusting, use of a feather duster or a microfiber cloth is recommended.
  • When cleaning near or around the frame, spray all cleaners on a cleaning rag instead of on the vanity or mirror, thus preventing accidental damage with the frame.
  • Do not use glass cleaner with ammonia on your mirror once your new frame is installed.
  • Do not use masking tape, painters tape, Scotch tape or duct tape on your frame as it WILL damage the finish.

No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals

No Glass Cleaners W/ Ammonia

No Harmful Tapes (See Above)

Please Note: Not following proper frame care instructions can and will result in damage to your new frame and will void any implied warranty on said frame.