Decorating your home can be fun and rewarding.  One way to do this is by framing your existing mirrors!  That is why we provide so many mirror frame kits.

What if you like one of our styles but the color doesn’t work for you?  You can paint them!

There are endless choices of spray paint colors to choose from.  You have a choice of colors ranging from: standard colors, metallics, hammered finishes, etc.. Another variable is a different finish, such as flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss.  Your nearest home improvement store should have a wide selection of choices in a multitude of colors and finishes.

We have many decorative, modern or traditional frame patterns to choose, just use your imagination and a creative color palette. 

Need some advice on how to do this? This will help:

  1. Use spray paint, not a brush application.  Why?  We have tested and found that using spray paint, applied correctly, can give you a cleaner look on frames instead of painting with a brush.  Spraying multi-layered thin coats of paint will create fewer runs and yet allow the ornamentation to show without filling in the intricate details.  Follow directions on the paint can and don’t try to cover in one coat, again, clearer details with multiple coats.  Two cans are more than enough to paint an entire frame.
Image of spray paint being tested on mirror frame kit.

  1. Once you pick a color, test it on the back of your frame, let it dry and then check it against your mirror for color correctness before you paint the entire frame.  Make sure the color is exactly what you were looking for.
Photo of a mirror frame painter white.
  1. Before you assemble your frame, apply paint to both the face and the back of the frame.  Once the frame is installed, you will see the top inside edge of the frame in the mirror, this is why you want to paint the back of your frame as well.  Be sure to also paint the ends of your frame.
Image showing miter holes on mirror frame edge.

With our paintable frames, you can get a designer quality frame in the finish you desire.  The best part?  It adds value to your home!  We know you will be delighted with your new look and decoration.