A beautiful mirror becomes the focal point of any room it is in. The claim to fame for any beautiful mirror? A stunning frame. MirrorChic offers custom bathroom mirror frames that are as affordable as they are elegant. Treat yourself to a designer-style frame at a DIY-level price today! 

Why buy a mirror frame? 

There is more to a mirror than meets the eye. While mirrors are of course great for seeing yourself, they do so much more for your decor. They are used by the best interior designers in the business to add personality to any room, not just the bathroom. The reflections allow your brain to perceive that the room is larger than it really is, a great trick for cramped spaces. Well-placed mirrors can make your room feel larger, brighter and draw the attention of anyone who comes in. The last thing anyone wants is to have an old, ugly mirror become the focal point of their interior design. Frame-less builder mirrors can be quite, well, boring. All the time and effort you put into making the rest of the bathroom to stand out, and yet is feels unfinished. Adding framed mirrors to your bathroom is a quick and easy way to make it feel far more elegant and luxurious, and expensive!

Fancy five-star hotels have breathtaking bathrooms. But when you look at the little details, they really aren’t that different from your own at home. Hotels use little details to make a big difference in visual appeal. Why not do the same in your own bathroom? You have a few options to upgrade your mirror with a fabulous new frame. 

MirrorChic vs. pre-framed mirrors 

So, you’re sold on upgrading with a new framed mirror. Time to go find something already framed, right? Wrong! Buying a pre-framed bathroom mirror may seem like the obvious solution, but pre-framed mirrors have a lot of issues to consider. 


So you find the perfect color frame in a pre-framed mirror.. but wait, they do not have the size you want. Most home builders do not use a “standard” size of mirror for their bathrooms, each home will have a mirror size that works best for that floor plan, and every bathroom is different. Standard is a relative term in this situation. At MirrorChic, we can make ANY size frame for your existing mirror.


Ok, so you find a pre-framed mirror with the size and style of frame that you like but the colors are very limited. Most pre-framed mirror manufacturers stick with 3 basic color choices: white, silver or espresso. But what if those colors do not go with your design idea that you have for your bathroom? We have over 50 designs with varying colors to choose from, or we even have a few paintable frames so you can match ANY color you want!

Quality of Material

Pre-framed mirrors are everywhere, and sold by so many retailers. The biggest factor you may find is that they are almost always cheap plastic frames on a cheap, thin mirror, and typically made in China. Have you ever heard the term “You get what you pay for..”? Cheaper is not always the best option in the end. A “cheap” framed mirror will look just that.. cheap! At MirrorChic, we use quality, designer frame material so our frames will last for decades.

Shipping Costs

Ordering online? Designer decor is expensive enough, but add in shipping and delivery costs, especially with the weight and fragility of all that glass, and you’ll be spending a small fortune! All frame orders up to 90″ in length are shipped free of charge at MirrorChic.

Time and Labor Intensive 

If you already have a mirror mounted to the wall, going the route of removing it to install a pre-framed mirror can be very time consuming, wasteful and dangerous. Chances are high that your old mirror is held in place by an adhesive, one that will rip the drywall away from your wall when you remove it. That wall will now need to be repaired before putting up the new mirror, adding another hour or so to the time for this project, and money for the repair if you are not doing the work yourself. Entire mirrors can be pulled off the wall without breaking them, but if it is glued to the wall there is a high probability that it will break and will have to be removed in pieces, increasing the risk of cutting yourself if a section falls from the wall.

Mirror Disposal

Then there is the question of “What do I do with the old mirror?”

Old mirrors can be recycled, but you will need to talk with your trash & recycling company first before just throwing them in the recycle bin. You will most likely have to cut/break the mirror down into smaller sections before putting them in the bin. You can learn from this video “How to Break & Dispose of a Mirror”, the proper way to break down a mirror, it is time consuming. Be sure to use protective gear if you decide to go this route.


Before going the pre-framed mirror route ask yourself these questions:

What is the real reason you want to change the current mirror?

Does your mirror really need replacing or if there is damage, is it only along the edges?

Do you really want to go through the added effort (and heavy lifting) needed to remove the current mirror?

Why would you waste time throwing out a perfectly good mirror?

Why replace the mirror when all you need is to put a frame on it?


MirrorChic vs. DIY 

You may be thinking, “Why should I pay all this money for someone else to make a frame when I can just do it myself?” After all, it should be so “simple” to put together a frame from scratch, right? There’s far more involved with doing it yourself than you think. 


While you don’t have to take down your mirrors, you do have to create a frame from scratch! Shopping for materials, acquiring tools, preparing the supplies, piecing the frame together, it all adds up. You’ll spend more time putting the frame together than you will putting it on the mirror! Don’t forget, you will also have to paint it! Our frames come pre-finished (unless you choose a paintable finish) and take less than 30 minutes to assemble. Installation is just as fast with only time in between for the glue to dry during assembly.

Errors are Expensive 

A small mistake can set your frame project back substantially. Bigger mishaps can make you have to start all over. You could end up paying enough in materials for two or even three frames! If you’re going this route, make sure you measure twice and cut once! Leave the cutting to us! You measure twice and tell us the size and we ship you 4 sections that assemble very quickly and easily.

Tools and Skill are Necessary 

Not everyone has easy access to the proper woodworking tools. Even fewer have the know-how to cut a mitered corner or put together their own frame. The last thing you want is to damage your bathroom mirror because you made a rookie mistake! Let us make the frame and send it to you in an easy DIY kit.. so simple and you only need a hammer!

Choices for Material

Here is where MirrorChic frames will make one of the biggest differences..

Designer Quality Picture Frame material.

What are your choices to get material for a frame? Where do you go?

You can go to your local big box store, a lumber yard, or even a picture framing store, but let’s discuss each of them.

Big Box Store: Sure, they have lots of wood, but what about style? You can choose from Crown molding, Shoe molding, Case molding, Brick molding, Bead molding, and more choices.. if you want your new frame to look like a doorway. And remember, you still have to paint it!

Lumber Yard: You might have a few more choices here, but you still have to paint it and it is not very decorative.

Picture Framing Store: Alright, now you have MANY choices of decorative frames to choose from.. but there are still two very problematic issues. A rabbet and cost. Frame material that is made for picture frame has what is called a rabbet, it is the inside corner that is cut out of the frame so that the glass, print and backing can be dropped into the frame. Why is that a problem you ask? In most situations, mirrors are sitting ON the backsplash and have zero clearance between the mirror and backsplash, meaning there is no room to run this rabbet over the edge of the mirror. MirrorChic frames are designed to attach directly to the face of the mirror, so even when there is no clearance “around” the mirror, you can still add our frame. If you attach a frame with a rabbet onto the face of your mirror, the rabbet will now create a gap between the edge of the frame and the mirror, a wonderful place to store your dust bunnies that you have been collecting! Oh wait, those go in the trash can you say? Silly me..

Now let’s talk cost of buying a frame through a picture framing store. On average, you will spend about 3 times more per foot for a frame than what we charge for the entire kit.

Adhering the Frame to the Mirror

There are several ways to adhere your new frame to your mirror. If you have the clearance around your mirror you can always nail it to the wall, and route a rabbet on the inside edge to make it fit just right. But what if you have zero clearance because your mirror sits on top of your backsplash? Your options just became limited to messy glues. There are not a lot of options available at your local big box stores for adhering a frame to glass. At MirrorChic, we use a professional, high bond, double sided tape from 3M, that is rated at 7 pounds per square inch.. it does NOT like to come loose once it stick to the mirror, and it is quick & easy to use!

Why MirrorChic Custom Bathroom Mirror Frames are the Answer 

If buying a pre-framed mirror does not have the proper size or color you want, and DIYing is too time-consuming and not enough choices for frames, what are you left with? What if there was a middle ground? Well of course there is, a custom frame from MirrorChic! I think I dropped enough hints. 🙂

Affordable Sophistication 

By not buying an unnecessary new mirror, you cut out hundreds of dollars in cost. Don’t buy more than you need! 

Without all that extra weight, shipping is much less expensive: in fact, we offer free shipping on all our frame orders! 

Custom-made frames offer the 5-star hotel designer look at a fraction of the cost. We offer over 50 different styles and materials to choose from to suite anyone’s taste. Classic, rustic or contemporary. Real wood or brushed silver. Finished or Raw material ready to be painted. Update your bathroom today and make the decor YOURS! 

Get high-quality craftsmanship, materials and components delivered to your door in one handy package. Everything you need to transform your bathroom.

Easy to Install 

MirrorChic custom frames are by far the easiest option when it comes to installation. 

We provide nearly everything you need to install the frame; simply bring a hammer and a few rags. Our Pro-Grade 3M Double-Sided Tape is easy to apply and will hold up your new frame for many years to come. Even better, it won’t make a mess like glue or caulking. 

Our blue placement corners allow you to line up your frame exactly where you want, then stick the placement corners in place for a super-convenient guide for installation once you remove the tape backing. Just place the frame back up using the placement corners as your guide to stick the frame in the proper place.

No need to remove any mirrors from the wall so you save time and effort.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We want nothing more than to make our customers happy. We start by offering free samples of our materials, so you can make an informed decision from the comfort of your home. 

As a small business, we know how important it is to work with our customers. We are here to answer any questions you have on styles, sizing and the installation process. Your satisfaction is what drives us – a real person is always just a phone call away! 

Upgrade your room decor today with custom bathroom mirror frames from MirrorChic. Add the glitz and glamour of a five-star hotel to your bathroom. Elegant designer decor at affordable prices; shop MirrorChic custom mirror frames today!