Why Frame Your Bathroom Mirrors ?

Why frame Your Bathroom Mirrors? Here are some good reasons:

    • As mirrors age they start to de-silver and those ugly black spots start to dominate the edges of your mirror. Don’t spend the money to remove them!  With a beautiful MirrorChic frame, this problem is solved and you get a fabulous upgraded look to your bathroom at the same time.
    • Are you remodeling your bathroom or plan to in the future? Again, do not remove your existing mirror, save the money and frame it with our Easy & Simple DIY solution, you can frame those bare mirrors and add a finishing touch. Large mirrors in a bathroom give the feeling of spaciousness, but they sure can seem boring and unfinished when left unframed.
    • Have a new home? For only a couple hundred dollars (+/-) per bathroom, your money is well spent for the value added you get to your home. Plus the enjoyment you will experience while living there. Frame your bathroom mirrors with a MirrorChic frame and get the five ***** star hotel look!
    • Selling your home? Everyone knows about “home staging” to obtain top dollar for your home, right? Well, if your bathrooms are otherwise nice and modern, why not frame those plain, boring mirrors and add a WOW factor to your home to impress prospective buyers!
    • Are you a builder? Why not frame the bathroom mirrors with a quality frame and make your homes stand out from the rest. We offer commercial pricing with quality, professional frame material, not “home improvement” store quality product. Let us show you the quality difference.