Mirror Molding – The Easy Upgrade to Boring Bathrooms!

We all want the bathroom of our dreams, and one of the easiest ways to get closer to that dream is to upgrade your plain, boring builder mirrors with decorative mirror molding. This quick project is easy to do and cheap compared to many bathroom upgrades.

Hit shows from HGTV like Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Flip or Flop all have used this trick to upgrade a bathroom they were working on.

The first question is what molding to use!

The Difference between Crown Molding and Custom Pre-Cut Mirror Frame Kits

If you shop around, you’ll find that you basically have two options for framing an existing mirror. The first option is traditional crown molding that is normally used as a decorative piece to hide the corner between wall and ceiling.

Our mirror frame molding products on the other hand are designed specifically for adding a decorative frame to a bland mirror.  

The cost between the two products can be very similar, but where our mirror molding really shines is the ease of installation.

If you’re using crown molding to frame your mirror, you will need to measure your mirror and make the precise cuts on your wood to line them up properly. From there, you’ll need a combination of clamps, glue or double-sided tape, and some patience to line up the frame perfectly on the mirror. This process requires you to have the right tools and know-how and takes much longer to accomplish.

When you order from us, your custom pre-cut mirror frame will arrive to perfectly match the measurements you sent us. We also supply everything you need to assemble and install your new frame as well as our installation instructions. This allows you to install your frame in less than an hour. Quick and easy!

DIY Project Steps: Mirror Frame Molding

At Mirrorchic we do everything we can to make your mirror framing project go as smoothly as possible! We have broken this process into three easy steps to follow:

1.Select Your Mirror Frame Molding

We normally have 50 or more styles of molding for you to choose from, giving you a great selection of colors, sizes and styles to fit the look and feel you want.

2.Measure Your Mirror

We pre-cut our mirror molding to specifically match the size of your mirror, so the 2nd step in the ordering process is to measure your mirror.

We can help you frame any size of mirror, including large or unique sizes, with just the measurements and your molding choice.

3. Install your Mirror Frame!

When we send you out your mirror frame, we include everything you need to install your frame. Assembly and installation are easy and normally take under an hour.

At MirrorChic we do everything we can to make sure that the process of selecting, ordering, and installing your mirror molding is as seamless as possible. If you run into any trouble along the way, please contact us so we can help!

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