Vanity Mirror Makeover Changes the Look of Your Bathroom!

Walk into most bathrooms and you will see a boring, UN-decorated, plain mirror hanging above the sink. At MirrorChic, our goal is to help make your vanity mirror makeover quick and easy! Regardless of the size or color frame you want, we can help.

Many people don’t even realize this is an option! A frame can be installed in an hour or so and for less money than almost any other bathroom upgrade.

Steps to a Vanity Mirror Makeover

To frame your existing mirror the first step you will want to take is get accurate measurements on the size and shape of your plain builder mirror. You’ll want to take note of any clips that hold the mirror in place, as well as space around the mirror and the vanity.

After that, head to our website and find the style that you want! Not sure? MirrorChic will send you up to seven samples for you to try out so you know you’ll like the frame you end up with, all you have to do is pay $7 for shipping!

Lastly, use our assembly and installation guide to hang your mirror frame! We ship everything you need to hang your frame with your order, so this is truly a DIY project!

Mirror Makeover Examples

Our first example is the Coronado frame in bronze brown. The mirror pops after the frame is installed where before the wall looks very plain and the vanity is the only thing that draws the eye!

The other key to this remodel is thanks to our wide selection of colors the frame matches the cabinetry, giving the bathroom a very unified and thought out finish!

Coronado Mirror Frame in Bronze Brown
Coronado Style Mirror Frame in Bronze Brown

We really like this next example as a contrast to both the cabinetry and the first remodel we showed. This frame is the Hudson in Java. Because of the rest of the bathroom being a lighter shade, this makes the frame stand out and gives the room contrast, where before it was plain!

Just a simple upgrade for such a dramatic change for the better!

Hudson Mirror Frame in Java
Hudson Mirror Frame in Java

Vanity Makeovers

We talk to so many people who think that freshening up their vanity requires tearing out the old and replacing with something new. This can be time consuming, expensive, and in many cases overwhelming.

Why not start your vanity mirror makeover with a frame from MirrorChic? Not only will we save you time and money, but a mirror frame can be easier to choose than a new vanity, and is definitely easier to install!

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Coronado Style Mirror Frame in Bronze Brown