Sell Your House Quicker – Improve Your Bathrooms

Selling your home is a big decision, and you want to get every dollar for it that you can if you decide to sell. What is one of the best ways to do that? Improve your Bathrooms!

Your real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms with a WOW factor easily sell a house… but are your kitchen & bathrooms really worthy of such scrutiny in their current state? 

Even if you understand how important they are to selling your home, maybe you aren’t sure what you can do to make them a selling point. 

In today’s blog we focus on the bathrooms.  What are the options if you decide to remodel your bathroom?  What can you do without spending the deposit needed for your next house on your bathrooms? 

4 Ways to Improve Your Bathrooms

To make your property as attractive as possible in the minds of buyers, without breaking the bank, here are 4 areas in which you should focus on when you decide to improve your bathroom:

1. Broken Items

A running toilet, clogged shower head, ugly bathtub caulking, broken tile, loose toilet seat, etc… When something needs repair it is definitely a turnoff to potential buyers.  A few relatively inexpensive repairs could make all the difference. 

No one else knows your bathroom better, so consider what repairs need to be made, not what changes you can do to keep up with the latest trend in bathroom fashion. 

Start your remodeling project by thinking about what you would want to see in a bathroom at your new home.  At the very least, make sure everything is in working order.

2. Update Your Bathroom vs Keep Original

A modern European bathroom may look good, but not if the rest of your house is decorated in a Spanish Ranch style. Vintage bathrooms can be fun and funky, but only when they match the cohesiveness of the rest of the house, and they work properly!

Consider whether completely remodeling the bathroom from an outdated room into a sleek, modern masterpiece will even fit into the overall theme of your house. Have you ever seen a piece of furniture at a yard sale that you thought would be just perfect for your home, if someone hadn’t painted it with some thick ugly paint that destroyed the value of the piece?

Don’t let your bathroom be the ugly paint that destroys the value of your home. If the rest of your home has not been renovated, consider replacing non-working fixtures with new period style reproductions that match the rest of your house to keep the cohesiveness of your home.

3. Improve the Storage Space

An easy way to improve your bathroom is to add a new vanity. This could make the room more functional, even adding space for more towels, toilet paper, etc… Do you have extra space in your bathroom?  Consider how you can best use that space to your advantage. You can hardly ever have too much storage space!

4. Appearance & Value

When talking about resale value, looks are very important. Potential buyers evaluate a bathroom in terms of visuals; what do they see?  The colors, the style, the layout and the fixtures… to help capture their interest, spend some time on the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Is your mirror turning black on the edges? Don’t replace it, put a frame on it! A DIY frame from MirrorChic can cover those black edges and add a touch of elegance at the same time, while helping you spend less money than replacing the current mirror. 

Buyers also like to see new cabinets and new vanities, but it is the unique items that they will remember, like the repurposed vintage changing table made into a vanity, the water pump style faucet, or an elegantly framed mirror, etc..

Make your bathrooms something special, a place they want to be that will keep them coming back to your home, even after visiting other houses that day. 

If you decide to tackle that bathroom remodel, come see us at for an affordable, yet elegant way to help improve the look of your bathrooms.

At MirrorChic, we guarantee your satisfaction!

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