How to Frame an Existing Mirror – DIY Tricks!

We talk to people all the time that are excited about giving their bathroom mirrors an update, but a common question is: “How to frame an existing mirror?”

If you have a plain old bathroom mirror then there is a great way to simply add a touch of style to your mirror. Here at Mirrorchic, our goal is to make this DIY project as easy as possible!

In this post we’ll walk through the three steps you need to follow to frame a mirror that is already existing.

Measure Your Mirror

The first step is to measure out your existing mirror. You’ll want to do the width first, then the height. Things like clips and the metal frame that is on the bottom of the mirror need to be included in the measurements!

There are a few other things that can add slight complications to the frame installation, and we go into more details into these on our “how to measure your mirror” page!

This step is super simple and shouldn’t take you long at all!

Select Your Frame!

Now is the fun part! Head over to our shop section and select the frame that you like and that will fit your bathroom style the best.

We have everything organized by color, style and size to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Make sure you have your measurement information handy when you select your frame. During the ordering process you’ll be asked for all of your measurements!

Install Your Frame

Our DIY mirror frame installation and assembly process is designed to be as easy as humanly possible. We provide all the tools and parts to put your frame together and make installing it to the mirror quick and easy. You don’t need to take your mirror down, our frames install directly to the glass!

Many people comment that the assembly process is the hardest part, but even that normally takes less than an hour.

Once the frame is put together you’ll need to set up the alignment corners onto the mirror to help with installation. We do recommend you have two people to make the installation process easier.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact us! You can use the form on our page or call us directly at 800-311-2163