What Is A DIY Mirror Frame Kit? Easy Bathroom Updates!

2020 has provided us with a lot of extra time at home. During that time, many of us have found our interest in home improvement. In today’s article, we’ll look at a question you may have: What Is A DIY Mirror Frame Kit?

The answer is not overly complex, but the impact it can have on your bathroom mirror is enormous!

What is a DIY Mirror Frame Kit?

A custom DIY mirror frame kit from MirrorChic is designed to frame an existing bathroom mirror without having to remove it from the wall.  It does not require any special skills or specialized tools and is custom cut to exactly fit your existing mirror.

With a MirrorChic mirror frame kit, you will get the same Designer Quality frames as you would from a picture framing shop. There are many colors and designs to choose from, so coordinating with your bathroom décor should not be a problem.

The MirrorChic DIY frame kit only takes about 10 minutes to assemble and after the glue dries you can install it on your mirror in mere minutes.

This DIY kit is a big improvement over trying to completely frame the mirror yourself, which entails a lot of time, and if you lack the skills and proper tools you may end up frustrated and disappointed with the results.

There is a lot of information on YouTube about do it yourself mirror frames, but they do NOT tell you about the skills and tools that are needed or that it will take up not mere hours, but most of your weekend. And, if you notice, most of the frames shown are painted white. What if you do not want a white frame?

Take the easy route and order a MirrorChic mirror frame, you will be glad you did and incredibly happy with the end result. We have thousands of satisfied customers. Visit us at; www.mirrorchic.com.

Where you can even order free samples to help you choose the right frame for your bathroom. Our customer service is top notch and here to help you.  When you call, you will immediately talk with a real person in our shop, with no confusing phone menu labyrinth to get lost in.

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