Moderna Crosshatch Silver 3″ – Sample



Introducing the Moderna Crosshatch Silver 3″ mirror frame, embodying modern sophistication with its sleek silver finish and distinctive white chalk cross-hatching pattern on a wide 3″ flat face. True to its name, “Moderna” meaning modern in Spanish, this frame adds a contemporary flair to any bathroom decor.

Crafted from MDF for enhanced stability, longevity, and consistent quality, the Moderna Crosshatch Silver features a protective plastic wrap that replicates the cross-hatching design, effectively blocking moisture. It complements brushed chrome or aluminum fixtures commonly found in modern bathrooms, seamlessly integrating with existing decor.

Measuring 3″ wide x 3/4″ thick, this frame is ideal for framing mid-sized to large bathroom mirrors, providing just the right amount of frame to enhance their visual impact. For smaller mirrors, consider the Moderna Crosshatch Silver 2″ frame to achieve a cohesive and stylish look throughout your bathroom space. Elevate your bathroom with the contemporary elegance of the Moderna Crosshatch Silver mirror frame.