Moderna Brushed Silver – Sample



Introducing the Moderna Brushed Silver mirror frame, embodying its Spanish namesake with a modern stainless steel faux finish. This frame features a smooth surface adorned with precise metallic etching, mimicking the look of stainless steel. The brushed texture creates a subdued luster with fine parallel lines, adding a distinctive decorative appeal that avoids excessive reflectivity.

Crafted from MDF with a plastic wrap imitation of stainless steel, the Moderna Brushed Silver ensures easier cleaning, enhanced stability, longevity, and consistent quality. It complements chrome or aluminum fixtures commonly found in modern bathrooms, seamlessly blending with contemporary decor.

Measuring 3″ wide x 3/4″ thick, this frame provides an ideal balance for framing large bathroom mirrors. For smaller mirrors, consider the Moderna Brushed Silver Bevel frame, offering the same modern elegance on a smaller scale. Enhance your bathroom with the sophisticated allure of the Moderna Brushed Silver mirror frame.