The History Behind 7 Superstitions and Myths about Mirrors

Mirrors are a funny thing. They have so much lore and mystery surrounding them. Chances are, you’ve heard a few of the myths about mirrors before, but the some of the items on our list of mirror superstitions may surprise you!

We’ve started and ended this list with a few that most people that we surveyed had heard of, and knew about, but a few in the middle are some that may surprise you!

7 Years Bad Luck

Probably the most popular of all the mirror superstitions, many believe that breaking a mirror will lead to seven years of bad luck.

This superstition comes from the Ancient Romans, who believed that human life renews itself every seven years, matching the cycles of the moon. When a person broke a mirror, it was as if they were breaking that cycle of their life, and it couldn’t be repaired until the cycle finished and renewed naturally.

Broke a mirror and want to negate the effects? Try these two things:

  • Leave the mirror undisturbed for a few hours. When you do pick them up, gather every last scrap and bury them outside under moonlight.
  • Take a piece of the broken mirror and touch it to a tombstone.

While there might not be any truth to this myth about mirrors, it is definitely the most common one and do you really want to risk seven years of bad luck!?!?!

The Unbroken Mirror Superstition

Interestingly enough, if you want to play with fate, it is said that a mirror that does not break after being dropped, or upon impact, is actually good luck.

As fragile as mirrors are, and considering that many believe that breaking one is bad luck, it almost makes sense that one not breaking would be good luck!

Good Luck for Newlyweds

While many superstitions are negative or based on bad things happening with mirrors, the next two are both positive!

According to this myth, if a newlywed couple stands in front of a mirror shortly after becoming man and wife, their souls unite in the spirit world, creating a bond that is stronger than this world and one that will last after death.

Plus, you’re never going to look as good as you do on your wedding day, so might as well admire your partner for a minute at their best, right?

See Your Future Husband

For you single women dreaming of your wedding day, this myth is for you!

On Halloween night, instead of running to a party, sit in front of a mirror with a candle and an apple. Start by cutting the apple into 9 slices. Eat 8 of them and throw the final slice at the mirror. According to this mirror myth, the image of your future husband will appear to catch the final slice, and give you a peak into your future!

Myths about Mirrors Stealing or Trapping Souls

For this mirror myth, we actually combined two superstitions that are fairly similar.

The first has to do with sleeping with a mirror pointed at your bed. Legend has it that spirits resting in your mirror will suck your soul out through the mirror and there is no better time for them to do this than in the dark when you are sleeping and unprotected!

If you are superstitious and want a mirror in your room, you may want to place it in a location that does not face your bed!

Similarly, in Jewish culture, it is commonplace to cover all the mirrors in a home after the death of a loved one.

They believe that until a body is buried, the soul of that person can get trapped in an uncovered mirror. If you have ever heard of a person who believes they saw a face in an old mirror at some point, those of the Jewish faith would say this is a trapped soul.

No Reflection = No Soul

One of our favorite scary story myths says that vampires, witches and the undead, avoid mirrors because those without a soul cast no reflection.

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” was adopted from real-life stories about vampires that give credence and popularity to this mirror myth.

Bloody Mary

Last, but not least, another super popular scary story based on superstitions and mirrors is the childhood game of “Bloody Mary”.

This ritual is based on the belief that you can summon a trapped soul, named Mary, by sitting in a dark room with a candle and chanting “Bloody Mary” into a mirror three times. This will cause the image of a woman dripping in blood to appear.

The scarier versions of this legend include Mary screaming at you, reaching for you, scratching your face, or even pursuing you into the real world.

While these superstitions and myths about mirrors will probably never be proven to be true, don’t you want your mirror to look good either way? Check out these MirrorChic mirror frames and give your wall mirror an affordable and stylish upgrade!