Decorating and Framing Master Bathroom Mirrors

Your basic master bathroom mirrors are boring. They are just glass. To decorate them, you can paint the wall behind it as an accent wall , hang decorative items on them, add a decorative mirror to a corner, or our favorite, frame them.

This article talks about several ways to upgrade these mirrors, and focuses on framing master bathroom mirrors to upgrade them from basic, plain mirrors. You too can make bland mirrors beautiful!

Mirrors for Master Bathrooms

When you buy a new house you will likely get a plain mirror in your master bathroom. Chances are, if you upgrade anything else in your house, the mirror goes untouched. You may end up with a plain glass mirror that you stare at every day.

Even if you buy an older home, the thought of doing something to make your mirror stand out is fairly new and it’s likely that you have a large, single mirror in your bathroom.

So what do you do to decorate these mirrors and make them stand out?

Paint an Accent Wall

One of the popular ways to make a single area of a room stand out with contrast is to paint an accent wall.

To do this, you start with a base color and find a color that is both contrasting but complementary. Hopefully you have a nice large master bathroom, but if you do not, remember that darker colors make a room appear smaller, so keep this in mind!

If you vanity does not span the entire length of the wall it sits on, we are seeing a trend where people just paint the space behind the vanity up to the ceiling in a contrasting color.

Dual Vanity Mirrors

Many duel sink master bathrooms will have some space in between the two mounted vanity mirrors. You can make both of these mirrors really stand out by framing them individually.

You can easily find a framer and have the mirrors framed by a craftsman who will make it seem that it has always been there, or you can visit our shop for our DIY frames.

This makes for an impressive bathroom. It also saves you the time of painting the wall behind your basic master bathroom mirrors.

Shelf in Between Mirrors

In addition, or instead of frames, what about adding shelves in between your dual mirrors? These shelves can be both functional and decorative, depending on how you lay them out!

We like adding both a frame and shelving. If you use wood tones you can stain them to match, and they add a great design feature to any boring master bathroom!

Master Bathroom Mirror Frames

Framing your mirror makes it stand out among other mirrors in your house and in the room that they occupy. These frames add personality and make your bathroom more special.

We have close to 50 different styles to suit your taste and custom made each frame to fit perfectly on your pre-existing mirror.

Is your master bathroom larger than normal, for instance, extremely long? We have several options for framing such a mirror, contact us to learn more!

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