This form is operated separately from Home Depot, you must complete your order with Home Depot before submitting this form. All custom-cut frames are NON-REFUNDABLE. All questions must be answered in order to correctly match with your Home Depot order.

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For your Frame to fit your Mirror properly, we first need information about your current mirror.

Please fill in all questions below.

If you have questions feel free to contact our customer service at (800) 300-2163 or support@mirrorchic.com and we are happy to help you.

If you have a silver channel long the bottom of your mirror, please add this in your measurement

Tell Us The Exact Size Of Your Mirror:

Is Your Mirror Larger Than 74”? Call MirrorChic Customer Service at (800) 311-2163 For More Info.

Clearance Around Your Mirror:

Measure in inches from each of the mirrors edges to any switch, light fixture, wall, etc. Select 0" if you want the frame flush with the mirror's edge on that side and 5/8"+ for clearances more than 5/8".
Clips and Channels Information

Terms & Conditions:

Please double check your calculations and complete your order through Home Depot before submitting this form, custom cut orders are non-refundable. The frame dimensions you enter in this form MUST NOT be larger than the frame you ordered from Home Depot. This form is operated separately from the Home Depot website and will be submitted to Mirrorchic.com to match with your Home Depot order for a frame. If you require a frame larger than 72" wide, or have questions, please contact our customer service at (800) 311-2163. By submitting this form you acknowledge and agree to the Terms & Conditions stated above. If after clicking "Submit" you do not receive a confirmation of this submittal, please contact our Customer Service at support@mirrorchic.com or (800) 311-2163.
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